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I started tattooing in New Orleans in 1995, an enormous thanks to my teacher English Craig for bringing me into the tattoo world. I served a real apprenticeship in a real street style tattoo shop for three years. It's an experience I am truly grateful for as it made me appreciate the hard work and dedication that comes along with being a part of true tattooing. I've travelled all over the world and have been lucky enough to get to work alongside many of my tattoo heroes. Tattooing is a continually evolving tradition that I am proud to be able to carry on. I love making bold classic tattoos, of many different genres, that will be lifetime keepsakes for the wearer.

On March 22, 2015 I opened Treasure Tattoo in beautiful New Orleans, LA. Thanks to everybody I have lived and learned with over the years. It's been an amazing adventure and the best is yet to come...

This is a small selection of shops where I have worked or guested:


Electric Expressions- New Orleans/RIP

Erno Tattoo- Santa Cruz, CA./RIP

Staircase Tattoo- Santa Cruz, CA.

The Ink Spot- Maastricht, Holland

Borneo Ink- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Innervision Tattoo- Sydney, OZ

Moko Ink- Auckland, NZ

The Sailor's Grave- Copenhagen, DK

Nola Tattoo- New Orleans

Tattoo-A-GoGo- New Orleans                          

Magic Tattoo- Utrecht, Holland

Daredevil Tattoo- NYC

Fun City Tattoo- NYC

State of Grace- San Jose, CA.

Tattoo 13- Oakland, CA.

Temple Tattoo- Oakland, CA.

Living Art Tattoo- Lidkoping, SE

Smith Street Tattoo- Brooklyn

Barcelona Electric- Barcelona

Tin-Tin Tatouages- Paris

Milano City Ink- Milano


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